Get the Leverage you need!

We are proud to offer the highest quality home inspections available in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

You can rest assured that we will be prompt, professional, and vigilant in giving you a complete picture of the health of your new property. We love taking complex systems, and simplifying them in layman’s term, so that it is easy to understand. Our inspections exceed the standards set forth by every major home inspection organization. More importantly, we will give you the Leverage you need to make your dream a reality. TREC License #22891

Why Leverage?

Leverage is what we sell. Leverage at the closing table. We all know home buying can get stressful and emotional. You’ve finally found your dream home. Now let us help you obtain your dream home at a dream price. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the negotiating table armed with a complete picture of the condition of your dream home. This is the perfect time to have the seller fix problems we uncover during the inspection, or reduce the price to reflect the true condition of the property.

We give you a complete picture of the health of your property. We don’t stop there though. We also apply our years of experience to give you the wisdom to know what needs to be addressed immediately, and what can wait and why.
We love taking complex systems and simplifying them in layman’s terms so that it is easy to understand
Realtors Love us
Simplified Scheduling, Prompt Service, Supra Key Access,
Reports emailed within 24 hours (usually emailed on site at time of inspection), Reports contain a “Quick Action List” which greatly simplifies our findings to an actionable list

Our inspectors are professional, clean, timely, certified, and experienced.

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling is super easy. Just click here or call 817-823-1600. We would love to

What We Inspect?

Home Inspections for Buyers
Home Inspections for Sellers
Commercial Property Inspections
New Home Construction Phase Inspections
End of Warranty Inspections
Sewer Line Inspections