We are passionate about helping others. We love using our skills and talents to help you get your dream home at the right price. We have built and remodeled homes since 1999, and we love putting that experience and knowledge to work for you. We can help take the mystery out of your dream home. Building is our native language. It’s what we do. Because of our construction background, we know what to look for. Because of our remodeling experience, we are fully aware of what happens during flips. We know where and why contractors take shortcuts, and we love helping our clients navigate these risks.

Our Inspectors are licensed and Certified as a Professional Home Inspectors with the Texas Real Estate Commission. We are Licensed, Certified, and Insured for Error and Omissions, and for general liability, so that all parties involved can have peace of mind.

We love to walk roofs, crawl through nasty crawlspaces, and dirty attics to get the information we need. We go the extra mile in every way. We employ drones when advantageous. Not every roof should be walk on, but that doesn’t stop us. We also use thermal imaging, moisture meters, gas detectors, camera snakes, sewer line inspection cameras, GFCI and AFCI testers, and any other toys we can justify. We love our job, and it shows!

We are big on training and education for our inspectors. We like to set the standard in this industry. Our inspectors receive regular training, and continuing education on the latest building techniques, and technology available to the industry.